I Love...

Not the whole, God, my family, My life type post...just a list of some things that make me smile

(in no particular order)

Alone time with myself sometimes

Great Sheets that feel good on my skin

Confidence (it's sexy as hell)

Swag (Not over the top but again, it's a confidence thing)

Compliments (I'm a girl)

People who allow me to be me without questioning me

Myself (person I'm becoming, the final phase will be a masterpiece, guaranteed)


Jeans that make my butt look good

great bras

A rush


New Music that moves me

Old Music that moves me

Lyrics that I can relate too

Long car rides with great music :-)

Feeling as if I can be honest with people without hurt feelings


Sneakers that feel good


fresh braids

track jackets

March Madness

Superbowl pools

NBA All Star Weekend

High school playoffs

Track Meets

Summer Festivals

Strawberry yogurt

Carnival Food

Nachos with tons of Jalpenos and spicy cheese


  1. You know, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of what makes us feel good. I think I might make the same list, if you don't mind. :)

    And I'm not complimenting you to compliment you, but you're a pretty cool person, I think. That seems to work for you. :)

    Have a great trip! I'm so glad you're feeling good about it!


  2. I love riding with the windows down and the radio up. I'm so excited for the warm weather rolling in. That was the first thing I did!

  3. Love this post! I SO related to some of these!

  4. ive been so busy trying to understand how it should feel to be apart of something that ive grown apart from some things. the list is real! im gonna think back on it while i mend some things in my life. thanks!