Busy Nesha

If you don't know me in real life yet then I have a question for you. Someone far away is saying "I have an answer for you". Do you say my name "Nesha" as in -short e-

If so, then you are saying it's wrong. It's sounds like Neesha. But it's not spelled that way so when I send you a personal email and you KNOW ME then please take the time to look at my email address before you reply, Hi Neesha.

Okay, enough of that, I'm feeling silly today!

I'm up late today but I feel good with lots to do. I've been summoned to Texas earlier then expected. The world thinks I've gone a little crazy so I guess I'm going on a little mini R&R. Turns out I'll be flying out in about another week to go see my mommy and daddy. Yes that is what I call them to any and everyone. My mommy says she is cooking all my favorites and I plan to sleep in their bed right between them like always...but only until they fall asleep because they have SNORE WARS! Those two sound like a mini rap concert during the night. Once they fall asleep I'm off to the guest room which I know my mommy has made up like a little hotel with a million pillows...aawwww can't wait!

In the meantime I'm feeling a little superwomanish as I begin to make the list of all there is to do while I'm gone. The time chart of the days events and plans seems to be growing. Emails flying are flying of what needs to be done by this person and this person and this person while I'm gone. I'm the KING OF THE WORLD!

Okay, Okay, I'm putting a bit much on it because the list isn't that long but only because I'm such a control freak I REFUSE to let anyone do certain things that I must do myself to insure they get done correctly. The only demands I've made so far is that the boys don't eat McDonalds every night and that CJ is not left standing alone with the yard duty to be the last child picked up after school.

...and now the count down begins



  1. ha! I say it right! Have fun with your mom and dad. I can stand on my porch and see my mom's car and I'm so thankful for that. Travel safe!!

  2. I say it right, I say it right! :)

    Have a fantastic time on your trip! That comfy bed with a million pillows sounds downright inviting.