New Year - New Things

And so 2009 has begun. Seems like Febuary is closing in all ready. The weeks tend to go especially fast for me because my weeks fly by according to the kids basketball games. I love to see them play so much that before I know it Wednesday and Friday have come and gone.

Cayden is now out of his cast and back to his normal self. The best way I can explain it is to say that he is the most spirited child I've ever known. Just in the few weeks he has been out of his cast he has managed to dumb all the ajax in the sink (can and all), color on more carpet, dump more flour and scream bloody murder in just about every place we've gone. The little boy can hardly walk yet he is all over the place, dragging that leg. I'm not sure if I enjoyed him more in the cast (oops, did I say that?). We are all grateful he is healthy and happy but that little boy will drive you to drink.

Speaking of which, after Saturday's scrimmage I was so disheartened with the results of the game and the team that I decided to have a few shots of Grey Goose just to calm my nerves. Shame on me for giving a damn, but I do. I hear I was quite the comedy for everyone on Saturday night before praying to the toilet gods and crashing into bed. Oh the woos of a competitive mother. Wish I gave a damn half as much about highschool when I was in it as I do now that my boys are in it.

Winter break is over and CJ's basketball league has restarted. Yesterday during his game I was so excited to see him play. I thought he'd be my computer genius. Instead he had about 4 rebounds (with four fouls to match), he actually shot the ball twice and he is a thief at the top of the key. He stole the ball just about everytime it crossed the half court line. If he could dribble a little better he'd actually be the leading scorer on the team. I'm so proud of him.

One last thing - a few weeks ago the twins were invited out to dinner and a movie for their friend's 15th birthday. They got dropped off at Red Lobster were they all feasted and they said even though the waiter was rude to them they were still kind to him because they wanted to "be the difference"...ha. Twin B says "Mom, when he brought the bill everyone in the whole restaurant turned to look at us". I'll bet they did. Four little black boys sitting at a table by themselves feasting on crab! I asked if they tipped the waiter and they said yeap, 15%...that's my boys. So here is the kicker. The birthday boy snuck a date in on them and she showed up for dinner and said she would be going to the movie as well. Well of course Twin A, not to be outdone, promptly texted his little friend. She met them at the movies and already had her ticket when they arrived. I could go into a whole other topic about these little "hotbutt" girls and they momma's who let them get dropped off at the movies with 4 boys without talking to anyone else's mother but I won't go there. Instead, I went to the tattletale himself, Twin B and asked what happened at the movies. He said not much except an arm around the shoulder. "Was there any kissing at the end of the night". He told me no but probably because their ride was already there. Hey, that works for me too!

Anyway, I"m done rambling, this has been a long catch up post. Happy Monday!!!!


  1. My goodness! Have you ever got your hands full!

    Your twins seem like good boys, and I'll bet they love having such an involved mama----and even if they don't, it's good for them, so don't second guess yourself, dear. My son hates my questioning. I'm quick to not be overbearing, however I'm informed, involved, and always mindful. You know? :)

    I'll bet you dont need a gym membership now that that little guy is running again! Ha! Poor girl! I feel for you. I really do!

    Have a great week! Good to hear from you again!


  2. HEHEHE, you know I'ma have to defend my girls, you know them little old boys be pulling some fast ones too! LOL. Nah, but wow, glad to see all the goodness and sneakiness going on over there. Little man is looking good. Sounds like the cast gave him a new skill that you will have to be on the look out for when he does start back walking and running around. He'll be all under your bed, remembering that he perfected the army crawl, lol.

    Look at those little men you have there. They remind me of my two cousins, who aren't twins, but one plays basketball and his team had an article in the paper about how well they had played. I wish them all much success and you a little break. Don't feel too bad about "gettin' loose off the goose" =)