I Like / I Disklike

I'll have to read this next January 2010 and see if it still fits. For the most part it's been lifelong.


-rainy days inside the house...

-summer days with nothing to do

-carnivals and festivals in the summertime

-gettin up early

-Beyonce, Kanye, Keyshia Cole and Ray Allen(did I say Beyonce; she my wife in my next life)

-Lifetime movies

-Court tv

-mashed potatoes...garlic potatoes...fried potatoes..baked potatoes..hashbrowns...

-crustacians (shrimp, crab, clams, oysters, calamari)

-takin baths, just because

-perfect lyrics that fit what I feel

-Theme songs - This is a song that makes you feel good no matter what. As of January 2009 it's "Ego" by Beyonce

-lotion after a bath (I call it my lotion ritual)

-being right but only if it doesn't start a fight (I'll be right in my head if i need to be in order to keep the confusion)


-listening to my boys talk about their day and all their friends


-great conversation

-the little twinge of soreness the next day after you work out really hard

-puttin my headphones in my ears and tuning everybody out...

-grits, bacon, on buttered toast

-muscle beach lemonade from Hot Dog On a Stick

-reminiscing bout back then (wherever back then may be at the moment)..


-fast cars

-my blackberry

-me treats (Reeces, Banana Splits and pedicures now and then)

-privacy (I don't know why, I just do - it makes me feel like I still have "my own"



-haagen daz chocolate ice cream

-cherries and strawberries

-thermal shirts and jeans in the winter and halter tops and short shorts in the summer

-lip gloss

-fitted sweatsuits

-long drives

-sneakers for girls


-lazy days

-salt tortilla chips and dip

-buffalo wings (not the frozen party wings either)

-finding new music for my ipod

-large headphones


-frozen yogurt

-scented candles (vanilla)


-collecting change and then seeing how much I have at Coinstar

-road trips

-shots of patron

-people watching in crowds

-great lines from movies
"I'll shut up, but when he leave, I be talking again" (Friday)
"You want my arm to fall off" Louis McKay (Lady Sings the Blues)
"It's your dime Bufford, but stand up so the coach can get a good look at you". "I am standing" -- Harry and Set Shot(The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh)
"Get busy living, or get busy dying" Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)
"You're no Messiah, you're a movie of the week; a t-shirt... at best" Brad Pitt (Seven)

-singin.....outloud..or when no one is around

-great hugs


-music...I'm in love with music...like it's my honey..music holds me down..sometimes I feel its the only one that understands.

-making song playlists for my ipod

-texting over talking

-smirking over laughing out loud

- the individuality of my boys


-bad drivers

-hard candy (lemonheads, jawbreakers etc)

-pushy people

-bad waiters

-people who don't know they are annoying

-unclean emails (clean out all the people who have received the email before you send it to me please, why do I have to scroll 5 pages to get to the subject?)

-email forwards from people who never say hello

-nuts (I hate nuts of any kind in any of my food this includes pie, ice cream and candy bars)

-veggie anything (veggie hoagies, veggie lasagna, veggie ice cream)

-people who talk extra loud on their cellphones in public places

-cigarette smoke

-food crumbs in my bed

-sharing my food or my drink ( I know, petty but I hate it)

-sharing my products (I'm selfish like that)

-generic ice cream, cookies or crackers

-Burger King french fries

-Pets (yes I realize I have children but I still don't like pets)

-Unattended cups(this means if you are done with your cup don't leave it where you finished it

There are quite a bit of other things I don't like but I had more fun thinking of the things I enjoy. Just a peek into the mind of Nesh! Can you tell I'm still in my writers block mode. I haven't written about a darn thing worth reading for about a month now. Sorry guys.


  1. Quite the list(s).

    At least your likes outnumber your dislikes =)

  2. I'm cracking up at the movie lines. And you even remember the character names.