More Budget Cuts!

This is so frustrating...article in our local paper printed this morning...and people have the nerve to question why I am sending my children to private school. I HAVE to pay the cost in order to have even a descent education for them now-a-days. Of course all these budget cuts won't happen but I'm sure most of them will. All the electives, transportation, closing a highschool that hasn't been opened 6 months? Worse, closing Manteca Day...home to the little thugs that refuse to obey teachers, do their homework, and be normal productive students and mix them in with the rest of the students. So now there isn't even the threat of getting kicked out of school and sent to continuation school because they can't afford it.



  1. Damn. Bring on more overcrowding of the jails with kids who never even had a chance. Its just so stupid to tear into education and yet, never fails, its always the first to go. When will we be able to stop taking to the streets fighting for the rights for children to learn.

    We are still waiting around to hear the final verdict about the schools that are suppose to be closing in my area. Hopefully SOMETHING will be able to be saved =/

  2. Jesus, a bible, and a day without amenities... Seriously, I want to bring a carload of little gang bangers to my house (without guns/knives) for one week. I'll work those boys over the coals! I have ZERO tolerance for their b.s. and I'm not afraid to tell THEM what's up... Maybe I could send them to my parents house to work on the farm for a couple of weeks. That'd set them straight. Besides, if they tried to run away in this weather, they'd freeze together within a mile. :)

    Our school district, by the way, is laying off 31 teachers next year. We----are moving. Seriously. How are my taxes going to be sky high, but my child's education is moderate at best? I don't get it.