News, Blues and Screws

I had a hard time trying to figure out today's blog. I had to decided between the many different subjects going through my mind right now. I was up early listening to the idiots of Citigroup actually try and talk their way out of shopping for a $50 dollar airplane, meanwhile my home value has completely crashed and burned. Skip forward to the exciting talk of that poor woman in Southern California who just gave birth to a puppy litter (oh don't be so sensitive). Damn 8 babies!?!?!? I have one 3 year old that feels like 8 babies. One piece of advice I'd love to offer her is to uummm Run Away Now! When all the newness of those cute little babies wears off and all the help goes away....OH I NEED TO STOP. God Bless her little heart.
So I've decided I'll go ahead and tell you all about how I got away from the MAN! Now that it's the end of January, I've finally figured out all the speed traps near the school. Some other unlucky parents have not so while I was was going 15 mph because I had the feeling "Roscoe" was near, the Benz, BMW and Town and Country peeled out of the school and into the residential area going about 40. Now that I've finally replaced my glasses I could see him hiding in the corner as they rounded the corner. I didn't let out my relief just yet, not until he waved each of them to the curb to line up for their tickets. As I drove by I thought "awww, too bad for them, yeeeaahhh for me". Last thing I need right now is a ticket!
Today has been a little screwy. I'm avoiding work this morning but I guess I should get to it. Sorry I have nothing profound and prolific for you. No juicy gossip or "no she didn't" tales today. Just a day in life.

PS - working on fixing my pic - I heard word back that I need a change (smile)

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  1. Wow! 8 Babies! All at once! Is she the first to have 8 babies at once? And do we call them Octuplets?? I'm gonna have to search for this story, lol

    I hate tickets. I've never gotten a speeding ticket or anything like that, but I've had my share of parking tickets. Sucks when you are hung up and can't get back to your car before times up.