Winding Down the holidays

So very glad Christmas/ My Birthday is over. Things are beginning to wind down around here just a bit. I feel so badly for the twins. They had off Thanksgiving and Christmas and that's about it. Every other day has been filled with a game or a two-a-day practice. They were even playing basketball on their birthday, December 23rd. They asked that I not embarrass them with silly blogs about how much I love them so I honored their request and instead went broke for them on their 15th birthday and then two days later on Christmas. Twin A has been texting non-stop on his new EnV2 while Twin B still shows no real interest in his Samsung Propel (thanks Grandmas). Its so funny to me to see him hate to answer the phone. As a kid I remember my daddy sitting in the living room as the phone rang and pretending as if he didn't hear anything. I guess that's were he gets it from. They also both collected an ipod shuffle. If you've noticed I haven't blogged in days - it's a fight to get on the computer lately what with them downloading music onto their new toys. CJ got his two requested items from Santa. An Xbox game (Crash Bandikut?) and a fish. I actually kind of like the fish. We also named him "Crash". We are a non-pet family but this thing is okay I guess. Cayden wanted nothing more than a "football toy". His daddy of course provided him with a DENVER BRONCOS uniform. I have no idea how they got pants on over the cast but it's been a fight to get it off of him each night. He has also been sleeping in the helmet. I even got some very nice gifts. My birthday present was a pair of the clearest, most beautiful diamond earrings I've ever seen.

Cayden Update - We are counting down to December 30th!!!! In the meantime, he can now stand up by himself and he just giggles himself silly. I have NEVER seen anyone get around on their arms as quickly as he does. He is there one second, gone the next. I'm sure he is as sick of the "laying" position as we all are. His cast his a disgusting mess with duct tape patches, magic marker, food stains etc. all over it. I can't wait to give him a good scrub down!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to all! Glad to hear that the holidays were happy or at least that you all got some things that made you smile.

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice holiday!

    Your husband and my boyfriend (note: boyfriend sounds so juvenille for someone my age) seem to think alike! I also received diamond earrings for my Christmas birthday, however he gave them to me on his birthday (Thanksgiving) because he was so excited.

    Yay for Cayden! The cleanliness is a mom thing. Cole has another chemo tomorrow, and hopefully that will be his last trip to Milwaukee, which is two hours from here. They are looking to transfer us to a local hospital since his leukemia seems to be stable. :) That's the best gift ever!

    Take care!