Sominex and Court TV

So although the New Year has begun I'm back to walking the floor at all times of the night. I crash for a good 2 hours at 9pm and by 12am I'm up and walking the building until 5am, only to be awaken at 6am by my alarm clock. It's so frustrating! Last night I tried Sominex which is suppose to help you sleep and have you wake up refreshed. NOT! I've been groggy all day and last night I watched 4 episodes of Forensics Files, 2 episodes of 48 hours and almost got talked into buying The Magic Bullet. I've tried warm milk, hot tea, tylenol pm and sleep patches. I will admit I sleep with the tv on but I can't help it. If I don't I'll lay in the dark for hours on end flipping from side to side and staring at the ceiling.

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