Happy Birthday MLK

On this day that we choose to celebrate the great Martin Luther's King's 80th birthday, let us never forget that he had a mission to enter into the "promised land" many years before we ever thought it was possible. In the words of President Elect - Obama
We will couple the spirit of this inauguration with the celebration of the life of a preacher who once stood and shared his dream for America on the very mall where we’ll gather tomorrow. Martin Luther King lived his life as a servant to others, and today, ordinary citizens all across the country honor that legacy through the more than 10,000 service projects they’ve created on USAservice.org. And I’m asking the American people to answer the call and turn today’s efforts into an ongoing commitment to enrich the lives of Americans in their communities, their cities and their country.

Remember to give back to your community today. Happy Birthday Dr. King

p.s. I must add with all the news of the inauguration, Obama, the families making long trips to DC, the love I feel from a broken down country right now I am completely overwelmed and an emotional crying wreck so don't say "boo" to me or I'll start crying all over again.


  1. You just go on and cry your big heart out. This is definitely a time for happy tears =)

  2. I don't know how I'm going to make it a work tomorrow. I just think about him raising his hand and the tears begin. Haven't been there long enough to call in "sick".