The Return of Jaycee and Crazy comes in All Colors

This Jaycee Duggard thing just has my mind in an uproar. I had to literally decompress yesterday after I really sat down and began to think of the magnitude of how this woman's life will just never be the same. It almost enrages you to imagine a life being literally stolen. Is this worse than death? The same feeling comes after seeing some of these prisoners who have done 10-20 years be released after the DNA test reveal that they didn't "do it". Can you imagine being kidnapped at 11 years old and now 18 years later you emerge to the nation...stunned that you are still alive and have literally lived a nightmare. When I first heard that she had children (15, 11)immediately I thought, wow she had a baby at 14 and in a backyard. How scarey must that have been? My next thoughts were filled of the life that she must now lead after not having attended school since 5th grade. Never having gone to a doctor or dentist. Her children, whom have never sat in a classroom, nor been to the doctor, nor interacted with many children if any at all. How will they adjust to the life ahead of them? This family will need many many prayers. God somehow has a way of taking care of children and fools so I pray that Jaycee and her family recover and that Mr. Garrido lives a long long life in prison.

On another note, after going back and forth with friends on this subject on facebook one of my pals made the comment of "is it just me or is it always white people doing this crazy stuff". My response "crazy comes in all colors"....every color is CRAZY and has crazy hidden in their past. The Virginia Tech killer was asian, and if you don't think that's crazy enough let us not forget Mr. "Crazy Himself" Marcus Wesson, a black man who fathered at least nine children with his daughters and nieces and then turned and killed nine of the children once it was exposed and police were on their way. The authorities later found coffins he had built for each family member in the home.

I think the thing that bothers me the most and I'm constantly called nosey by my family for "paying attention" to small things that some may say "that's not my business". The neighbors claim to have called police and alerted them that two little girls were seen living at the home with a known pedophile and authorities did nothing. This man went regularly to meet with his parole officer yet when the officer came to the home he never entered the backyard. I'm amazed. No matter how busy your workload is, if you get to the house it's your job to get nosey. Just as a neighbor alone I've looked in the backyard of both of my neighbors...just to see what's back there. I also check out every car that passes by or makes a u-turn and know the comings and goings of most in my area. That's just me though. If I see your kid outside I'm probably gonna ask what school they go to. This story will only make me MORE NOSEY and pay MORE ATTENTION as we all should even if it makes people uncomfortable. People who are behaving themselves shouldn't be afraid of the police or CPS. Makes you want to go back and review all the Megan's list felons in your city huh? I have.

For the Duggard family, we can only hope that time will heal some of the deep wounds that will live with them forever. I pray that the love of family, community and the Lord will feel their hearts and they will enjoy the many years ahead of them.

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  1. Very very true. I have the same thoughts about the parole officer. How could you never have done a full inspection of the residence of a sex offender?? Why is the ball always dropped in the most of important situations??

    Jaycee's experience reminds me a lot of that of Elizabeth Fritzl.


    There is a special place in hell for people like that!!