Good News

This morning was just a bit overwhelming between trying to get all the boys off to school this morning. FIRST DAY 10TH GRADE! Whoop Whoop. In the process of trying to get the twins out the door the garage collapsed and barely missed my car. It came off the track with the truck still inside. Thank goodness for my two boys. They managed to get it on track good enough to push it up and hold it up while I backed up. We barely made it out after they had to return back to the house to scrub all the dirt and grim off. I arrived at their school at 8:00 and made it back across town to get CJ out the door and to school.

I was a little flustered when I got back home but I got a great phone call in the middle of it all. I've been up a little lately thinking about bills, tuition, the economy the future and such. My friend on the line called to say not to worry about anything because it was all worked out. I can't really go into details much. Sorry guys public forum but I can relax a little. I'm very happy.

Second good news is that a friend shared some school information with me last week. I told her how frustrated I was that Twin A had been put into Contemporary Foods, a non-transferrable class that is IN MY OPINON worthless. I mean come on, I can teach my son how to cook and prepare foods at home. They gave him health as well. TWO garbage classes? My friend shared with me that buried in the middle of the English classes was Rhetoric, a great elective that is also on the NCAA clearinghouse list. Love it! Well, loved it until I went to try to enroll him in the class and there was no room. Gggggrrrr!

I got the call yesterday that they found room for him and he's in. Whoop Whoop!
And now I'm off any running. Make it a great day!

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  1. My nephew starts 10th grade on the 31st. We went up so he could tour the school yesterday. Glad to hear things are working out :-)