Too Young For Fame? Mike Beasley

So the question is, has Michael Beasley fallen to the pressure of fame, fortune and the NBA already? Is he another example of a cautionary tale of why our young athletes should be required to enjoy the college life a little longer before falling to the pack of wolves that lay in the NBA after a one and done career in college?

Maybe we won't know this for a few more years but what we do know is that Mike has had some type of "episode".

The Heat's bouncing baby boy took to Twitter on Friday to show off a new tattoo -- and ended up in rehab for depression, among other things.

Surprisingly, the words "Super Cool Beas" inked across his back with sunglasses dangling next to a pair of wings weren't the notable part of Beas' TwitPic-in the background of the image sat two rather suspicious-looking baggies.

Twit fans noticed the contents looked an awful lot like a substance to which kids should say no (though it's truly impossible to say for sure, especially when lawyers read this), and helpfully pointed it out in comments.

In the "this makes you seem extremely (high and) guilty department," Beasley dropped a couple of alarmingly distraught non-denials before canceling his Twitter account:

Y do I feel like the whole world is against me!!!!!!! Back on my FTW!!!!! I can't win for losin!!!!!!!!!!

Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done

not feelin this at all!!!!!

Apparently Pat Riley wasn't feelin' this at all, either, because according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Beasley has checked into a Houston-area rehab facility run by former NBA player and coach John Lucas.

The baggie buzz would certainly have angered the Heat, though an indeterminable item in a fuzzy picture, taken in Beasley's own home, would in all likelihood have escaped punishment by the league. But accidentally posting an image with said illegal substances was one more incident to add to the immaturity and respect for authority problems that have plagued Beasley since...forever, and his quasi-suicidal response is just another example of the trouble he's had dealing with NBA issues at 20 years old. He told reported that many times during the season, he felt "everyone was against me."

He was fined $50,000 last fall for a weed partying incident during the NBA's symposium in which they were teaching players how to avoid weed incidents. He was constantly fined for off-court violations throughout his rookie season. Teammates and coaches criticized - sometimes publicly - his poor concentration, lack of discipline, and ability to annoy others. The Heat even hired Alonzo Mourning to teach him how to function off the court, though clearly even Zo couldn't stop that tattoo from happening.

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