Vick Returns

I've been working on this one for a few days and waiting a bit for the ruckus to die down. Honestly though, who am I kidding. I'm just excited as any TRUE lover of football that my boy is back.

I got into a discussion yesterday about the feelings of some regarding Vick and before I even go into my feelings this was one response.

"He sucked before, killed and funded the killing of dogs, and he'll return to the NFL to suck again."

Come one dude...be honest with yourself. Michael Vick and suck have never come in the same sentence. I won't even go into the records he broke at Virginia Tech and all his college stats. In his 6 years in the NFL he had rushing 4,000 yards, 11,000 passing Yards, 71 passing TDs, 21 rushing TDs, and that's just the MINOR stuff that the basic non-football fan would care about. Micheal Vick NEVER SUCKED! See for yourself.

Which leads us to the now. A man who admittedly killed dogs and funded a dogfighting ring, served 18 months in federal prison, has been to more therapy sessions, watched more animal cruelty video, will give more speeches on animal cruelty, not to mention the MILLIONS gone, bankruptcy and shame of the nation. He AND his children will forever wear the last name Vick and he is currently the most hated man in professional sports. He will be shunned by many at most away games and his family dinners will be interrupted by obnoxious dog-lovers from now to eternity who feel the need to never give him a second chance. He has gone from making $130 Million to $1.5. What more do you want?

I will say this again and again and again. I am not a dog lover, can't stand cats (as a matter of fact I've been known to pour buckets of water on strays who find my yard interesting), never had a bird, hamster, turtle...you get the picture. I just don't understand people who shoot deers and birds for sport...okay okay I won't go there but you get the picture.

Now, I do have a small problem with the Eagles picking him up but only for a couple of reasons. I realize they are a big enough program to shoulder what is to come but honestly... If Andy Reid finds a way to get him on the field for 10 snaps per game and Vick becomes an unstoppable weapon. If this happens the weapon may win over the distraction. My guess is Roger Goodell lets him play by the third week.

“We think he brings some elements to the things we can do on the football field that will help enhance our chances of winning the Super Bowl this year,” Eagles president Joe Banner said. “And it’s really that simple.”

The Eagles and Vick, however, are just a bad fit, for a bunch of reasons. This is a tough, blue-collar town. They take sports very seriously. Sports talk radio can be brutal. Eagles fans once pelted Santa Claus with snowballs and cheered when Michael Irvin went down with a career-ending neck injury. Vick would have been better off in Green Bay, where they love all their players, or Buffalo, which somehow has fallen in love with T.O. We won't even go into what happens if he comes back "goes off" and Donovan gets benched again...This will be so much more interesting than The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Finally, we as parents, role models, etc. teach our children when you make a mistake apologize, DO better! Just because you make mistakes does not mean life is over. Don't we teach our children that? I know I do. What terrible mistakes are hidden in your families closet of secrets? We all have also been taught some things that were wrong by "supposed" role models. We have no idea what Vick grew up being taught up dogs, fighting, etc. Who are we to judge. He has made his apologies and served his punishment. Are you so upset because he is getting a second chance? He's done everything asked of him and thank goodness someone is saying let's give this man and his family second try instead of throwing him to the wolves and letting him being a another crackhead story on Inside Sports. Sooner or later someone is gonna have to foot the bill for an out of work NFL player with bills and kids. I think if I was Michael Vick I'd have to think about a million dollar contract vs. what hell he'll be put through before he Show and Proves. I'll try my chance at the lottery ticket I play each week. Congrats Mike!

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