"You Let Go and I Will Too"

Almost everyone can identify with this saying. "You let go and I will too".

If not, I'm sure you at least know someone who can.

It speaks of a relationship situation where, no matter how much mental, emotional and physical damage is taking place, it could never compare to the pain that would come from the relationship being officially over, permanent heartbreak declared.

A feeling which, in your heart, you've come too far and gone through entirely too much to simply give up and walk away. Deep inside you accept the fact that you're along for the entire ride.

All the way to the end, regardless of whatever The End brings.

You want this person with all your heart. No matter how painful the obvious has become, each and every single time the bell rings you answer the call.

Standing there, ready to go.

You've tried to be with someone else, but they simply will not do.

People often ask what kind of hold does (insert name) have on you, where you continue to love that fool with everything - your heart, mind, body and soul.

It's kinda sick, arriving at the point where people wonder if you are under a spell. They insist that someone had to have placed something in your food.

Some blood, urine, something.

The truth of the matter is - you are madly in love. And well, sometimes love is sick. Although the relationship has begun to take its toll, you refuse to throw in the towel. Sadly, you've now accepted pain as pleasure. The only way for you to truly let go of this person would be if they let go too.

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