That's so Interesting...

So I've had some realizations in my life...some revelations, some thoughts, some brainwork, speculations etc etc etc. and I've realized that I really want to be more of a thinking person than a speaking person. I'd love to simply think it in my mind instead of feeling the need to have it read on my face. If you know me then you know exactly what I mean. The emotion is ALWAYS on my face no matter how much I try to hide it.

I'm saying this because I went through the day and saw so many strange things that just made me say "what the hell?". I really want to be able to say "That's so interesting" and simply leave it at that.

In no particular order:

I drove past a woman who was walking next to her daughter who was riding a bike. The woman was keeping the girl near her by holding her long ponytail? WTF!!!! I'm like, "come on mom that is an accident waiting to happen."

During my daily stops at the gym there is always something comical there in the last few days I've found myself laughing hysterically or pissed off mad at some of what I witnessed. Most annoying would be the guy who walks around in jeans and a polo working out...ummm can you say "crotch rot". If you bought the gym membership buy some $10 workout shorts at Walmart. I've also been quite annoyed lately but the number of men who insist on working out with the "girl size" dumbbells. Really, why can't I get a set of 17.5's or even 15's at 7:30 in the evening. I look over to find these two guys hard at work pumping away for 30 minutes doing arm curls at *itch weight. To piss them off I finally decided to do 3 sets of 8 on the 20s (yes the same exercise they were doing and right next to them). Another peeve is people who insist on resting for 5 minutes in between each rep...uuuhhh, can I get on there while you knit your sweater?

Finally, just a little racism for the masses. I decided the boys would attend summer school at a public school instead of at their private school, which saves me about $600 this summer and they still get the same credit. I knew the school was predominantly "ethnic" but I had no idea. I drove up this morning to what looked like that scene out of "Lean on Me". I never seen so many black and mexican kids all behind one gate. Yes I said GATE they all looked like they were in prison. Yes, I said it dammit. And yes, if you said it and you aren't black I'd probably have a bit of a stank-a-tude. Truth is truth though. I almost turned around. 6 weeks of this??? hmmm. I told the boys "study hard and remember who you are and what you are" as they departed. If they weren't twins I wouldn't have dropped my baby off but I figure they were together. I promptly called my friend and said "aaawww hell no, I done dropped off my babies in the hood". She said, "stop being scared of your own people...they need a change of scenary". hhhmmm we'll see.

And here lies the problem...waisted energy - upset about things that really don't concern me. I really want to not care about the "small stuff". However, it's just not my nature. Can one CHANGE their nature? In the next few weeks I'm going to attempt it with a simply phrase. "Hmmmm, that's so interesting" and nothing further.


  1. Ha! Don't worry, they ain't gon' eat your kids... not unless they give em' a reason to.

    I feel you about the emotions written all over the face, I seem to have the same issue.

  2. OK, this might sound elitist but, when I read what your friend said about stop being afraid of your own people - that is the same thing I used to tell my wife. But now youngsters glorify the "hood" as some great place. People who live in the hood want to get away and not live there. You want to live in a hood where you feel safe and not have to worry when the next shot rings out was it one of yours. I grew up in a hood where people took care of each other.