My Guilty Pleasures

So last night I wasn't thinking of the many awkward things in my life that I so enjoy. As I've been told more than once I'm a "wierdo" but hey...love me or leave me alone. I thought I'd share some of my guilty pleasures today. Do you share any?

1. Getting my eyebrows tweezed by my sister.
It's a little of the painful pleasure. I hate that just when I'm getting relaxed and starting to fall asleep she says, "done". She is so good at it too and gets everything that the salon usually misses.

2. Workout Pain.
Workout pain is that pain you get when you really worked a muscle that maybe hasn't been worked in a minute. Sometimes I wait a few days to rework my calves just because I love that little pain the next day after a calve workout. Each time you take a step you KNOW you worked out hard yesterday. Also the pecks are good for this too. I did some dips last week and I can still feel it a little today. Okay, okay, I know I'm a little sick and twisted but at least I didn't say "anal pain" right? LMBO!!!

3. Lifetime Movies.
I think I've said this again but I love lifetime movies. I especially love the ones I've seen over and over. My favorites are "Fifteen and Pregnant, The Truth About Jane, Bastard Out of Carolina, The Betty Broderick Story and ANYTHING with Patty Duke. I watch the one about her son getting killed my his wife and her boyfriend and Patty Duke fighting for custody of her granddaughter everytime it comes on. I've also watched the movie about the Cadets who kill a girl in highschool and then go on to the airforce academy everytime it comes on. My family walks in the room and always say "how many times are you gonna watch this".

4. Gossip Magazines and Websites.
I refuse to buy an Enquirer or Globe but I always check out the headlines while in line at the grocery store. If I wasn't so embarrassed to pick it up I might actually buy it. I check Bossip.com and Tmz.com daily though. Just being nosey!

5. Lindor Truffles.
If you haven't had the bag of red Lindor truffles refrigerated, you are MISSING OUT ON LIFE! They are SOOO GOOD!

6. Michael Bisping.
This is the Brit MMA fighter who is currently the coach of the British team on the Ultimate Fighter. Can I say YUMMY! So I said it dammit!

7. 2am informercials.
So I'll admit it. I get caught up in the informercials but only at 2am when my insomnia kicks in. The magic bullet is my current favorite but I also love singing with Dick Clark, Motown favorites, Hip Hop Abs and the Food Saver.

8. Porky's (yes the movie)

I've loved this movie since I was a young teen. It's garbage, a cult favorite and takes a sick sense of humor but when it comes on I watch it. Love it!

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  1. I love to have the hairs under my chin plucked by anyone with tweezers, even my seven year old grandson.