Don't Hate the Player - Hate the Game / My Prediction

KOBE IN SIX!!!! yes - I know it takes the whole team...but it's still Kobe's team. I told you from the start. All Championship Roads lead to KOBE. -Make no mistake- I do not believe it's the Kobe show as Ariza with a bad game is a loss and Gasol is going to tire Howard on defense so badly that he won't have much for left for offense. If Odom shows up it's a wrap and Derrick need not shoot...just pass! The bench runs too deep, no discussion is needed. Kobe was asked if he needed No. 4 without Shaq to validate him. I love his answer. "Do you think Shaq would have won 3 without me?"...

Finally Shaq tweeted today that he wants "Kobe to get No. 4"...of course he does. Nothing would bother him more than to see Van Gundy and Howard get it without him. BRING IT ON MAGIC...LAKERS IN 6 BABY!!!

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