News Bits That Caught My Eye

Lots in the news lately that's for sure. Besides Iran, Iraq, Recession, Healthcare, Gas on the rise there have been some other "interesting" tidbits that have caught my eye lately. Some things I just couldn't help but check out and share my thoughts on. What do you think?

1. Usher and Tameka -
I hate to say a marriage was doomed from the start but seriously...it was. When you got the whole world betting against you...literally...isn't it just a matter of time? Poor Usher was PLEADING for us to except his wife. He was pulling down fan sites, sueing left and right, giving interviews, canceling wedding dates, firing his mother etc. It really wasn't "if they would divorce" but more like "when". Sad. Two beautiful little boys will probably be caught up in drama for the next few years, not to mention her other three children. Tameka on the other hand gets a FAT check for popping out two Raymond babies in the two year marriage.

2. Man accused of impersonating his dead mother for 6 years.
This fool actually collected over $117,000 in benefits from social security and real estate investments. He dressed up every Tuesday to go down to the social security office and collect her check. He faces up to 25 years in prison. I'm just still in shock. Everytime I curse I think about what my grandmother may be thinking in her resting place. What must this mother be thinking of her son dressing up in her clothes and pretending to be her. "Psycho" at it's best. "Norman Bates" is looking at 25 years.

3. Obama turns Ninja! He's even smooth killing a fly. I still can't believe I heard a news anchor say he shouldn't have killed the fly but shooed him out of the room. COME ON PEOPLE! Do you know how I stomp, swap, splat flies an chance I get!

4. Lastly, hate all you want, but it's up for discussion.
Donte Stallworth kills SOMEONE while drinking and driving and gets 30 days in jail and his license revoked for life, probation and pays the family an undisclosed amount. Is there a price on human life. Mike Vick on the other hand...hhhmmmm well, need a say more? (you know the story). hhhmmmmmm. People in power loves their dogs...that's for damn sure.

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  1. PETA even wants the Prez to get a fly trap and catch flies then let them go outside. Flies were one of the curses God sent upon Egypt...

    Ushtam - doomed from the start. At least Bobwhit lasted longer, of course there was more drama.