All Men Are Dogs

I hear so many woman walking around saying there are no good men out there, all men are dogs or I can't find a good man. They are all either confused, gay or married - which may be the case sometimes but there is an abundance of good men walking around this earth. They are all over the place but they are not going to walk into your life if you are not ready to receive all that a good man brings. So if you are not in a place in your life where you are ready to receive the things a good man brings it's just not going to happen.

Woman have so many lists. We have so much stuff that we want. He gotta be this and that and making this much money and drive this kind of car. Honestly, when you look at yourself what is it that you bring to the table? You want a man that is physically fit and looks good but you are out of shape and don't take care of yourself or your body. You want a man that is financially stable, takes you out and wines and dines you but you are broke. You ain't got no money and your credit is jacked. You are working a dead end job.

You want a man that is spirtually grounded and has a relationship with God but when is the last time you prayed? None of these things add up. You have to look at yourself and define yourself. What are you doing to attract this? If you are sitting around talking about what you don't want, what he can't do, what you don't want him to have. All the things you don't like about men...well guess what? That's probably what's going on with you. Think about it. If you want love and happiness you have to start with yourself. You have to start to fall madly in love with yourself in order to receive the love you want. When the Queen is ready the King will appear. So get yourself together and define what you want. Align your life with what brings you happiness. If you want a good man GET IT TOGETHER. If you got a good man KEEP IT TOGETHER. Alright? Think about it.

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