Thoughts? (Single Toddlers)

So a couple of weeks ago my dear friend sent me this video and asked my opinion. We had a discussion and basically my view is that they are doing some very technical dance movies to a HUGE pop culture song right now that even, the chicks from Alvin and Chipmunks performed in their latest movie. The outfits, slightly inappopriate because of the red and black, just my opinion but all in all, it's a dance competition. We discussed, I blew it off and never thought about it again....well until I saw it this morning on Good Morning America. It has over 2 million hits. Ouch. Poor parents have major egg on their face now and the site owner refuses to take it down. I'm just wondering at anytime did any of the parents think of what people would say if it got out? Probably not, because we never think about it until after the fact. Well that's not true...some of us crazies do (which may lead to me living in this box - but that's another subject). Anyway...poor kids. I'm still kind of stuck on what great dancers they are. If they had on leotards and ballets shoes they wouldn't have made it past 200 hits.

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  1. Haha, I blogged on the same topic this morning. I think the girls were on point with the dance but I think the tops could have been longer. The routine was awesome though.