Problem with this damn Ox/Capricorn syndrome I have is that my mind continues to spin...constantly. I feel at this point as if I haven't slept in days. I'm frustrated as hell right now. For a couple of reasons...I'll share JUST a few:

1. I've been working on this script for a minute yet I'm plaqued with these short stores...see "Nonchalant". It's buggin me just a bit.I can't get the creativity flowing. It even spills over into my conversations in life. I can't get the words out.

2. Life and my current situation is like a freaking movie. I just have so many twists and turns right now that it seems most of my energy is just zapped. Sometimes at 5:00am when that alarm goes off and says get to the gym, I just can't cause I've been laying awake for hours. I'm ready for Part II to start already.

3. I'm completly frustrated with my heart and my emotions right now. She is letting me down.

Still, I find some type of peace in coming here and letting go of what I can. At this point I could give a damn if anyone reads or not. I don't need that. Can you tell by how I don't even seem to fix the grammar and spelling errors right now.

I feel so completely out of control of me right now

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