I'll Admit It

I Admit it...

...i am secretly one of the most insecure people you will ever meet...on the under.

I constantly question the motives of others on a weekly basis. And if you ask those in that tight predicament they'll reluctantly confirm this.


1. I analyze everything. In short...I think way too much. Nothing is ever simple with me.

2. I am a know-it-all. I love to learn and I enjoy sharing my findings...but most of the time....I'm just showing off, a little. I think that because I fall short in other areas, I love to try to research anything I don't know about. Look at me and all the unnecessary facts I know! (sarcastic laugh...)

3. I'm spoiled. I whine when people don't consider me.

4. I suffer from a martyr complex. When someone disappoints me or does something I don't like, I overemphasize or exaggerate the outcome. Basically, everyone is out to get me.

I will at least admit these things...and the fact that I'm working on them.

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