Getting in Touch

The problem is that too many times we are taught NOT to express ourselves. To save something, especially in relationships with the opposite sex. I'm trying to re-teach myself to express how I feel. Getting up there in age means no time to hold back what I feel right? If you get in trouble for it, at least it's off of your mind. Therefore what I feel is so important right now. I was thinking that we must get back to teaching people how to treat us. Men and women need to go back and when the hearts of each other. Sometimes after a conversation with the girls, it feels as if women have lost so much faith and trust in men for so many of the following reasons:

-We feel verbally abused and this leaves women withwith self esteem issues.

-Some are putting their hands on their women

-They get greedy, and choose to be in a relationship, and still cheat.

-Some are just on a POWER TRIP, and refuse to listen

-Other's just don't know how to treat a lady.

and so many other reasons. Now I am not saying we aren't guilty, or have never been guilty, but I believe it's about bringing the issue to the table. Making sure that IF we see it, it is no longer covered by a napkin or a cloth. It's about being socially aware.

Women are very sensitive, very emotional. Me for one. They can be a man's best friend if the time is put in. Take the time to listen to what we are trying to tell you. We have the ability to give you strength when you are down, leading to a more healthier environment, but women are sometimes emotionally fragile and men must take the time to be patient with women.

Lets treat each other right.

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