Nothing Interesting To Say

I want to blog today, but i really don't have anything to talk about in particular so i guess i'll just think aloud for a while. I'll start by saying it's been really cold in Cali and I hate it. Secondly, I have a major toothache. I've been sucking air since Sunday. I broke a molar about a month ago and instead of going to the dentist I ignored it. My terror with the dentist continues. I have an appointment tomorrow but I know it hurts cause it's infected and they are going to tell me I need a root canal. I found some tetracycline in the cabinet from a spider bite one of the kids had. So I took that an hour ago along with a codeine. I'm nervous about the dentist tomorrow and on top of that I can't afford it right now.  The twins will be juniors on Friday. It's finals week. CJ will be in 2nd grade in August. Cayden will begin kinder. Wow. I've got over a dozen projects I need to make progress on. There have been some movements in my life that annoy me but like everyone in this environment i'm  for each day. Road trip soon. I can't wait.  I'm excited about life right now but emotionally, I'm a bit drained. Hoping I don't ruin the road trip fun by sleeping the entire time.  re reading it. I hope you all enjoy it. I digress

I guess that's all i have to say... wasn't too bad What's new with you?

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