Quick Break

I'm on a short break. Lots going on, including have 3 wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. A horrible experience I must say after one doctor had to stand up on the sides of my chair to really put his muscle into it. It was a flashback from a doctor standing up over me and pushing twin B out at birth after he decided he would float around instead of coming out right after his brother. I'm miserable. I'm on 2.5 vicodine right now and still in pain...so iWrite.   I woke up to the boys giggling about Twin A's computer animation video they put together. I've attached for your viewing pleasure. He got an A. Wish they would have cleaned up the room first or even video'd (is that a word?) on a wall other than the one they were wrestling near and kicked a hole in the wall. 

Large tourney this week and next. Summer begins...PS...as of tomorrow. The boys are JUNIORS!

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