Gym Etiquette 101

I believe we need to revisit this topic once again. Not enough of the world received the memo the first time. Gym 101 should be posted but since it's a community gym (of which we pay dues), it can't be. I get it.   I realize the gym is a public facility, its open space for everyone.  I've seen it all, and the most recent episode was watching the woman dance...yes dance...on the treadmill.  I got so caught up in thinking about which song she must be run dancing to, that I couldn't mind my own business (that's a whole other post). It took every ounce of me not to laugh in her face. Then, there are the people that are "want to be" trainers. They insist on telling you how to correct your form.  Obviously you don't know your muscle groups if I'm working on front delts and you correct me in a way that will work my rear delts.  I had to politely tell her, "I'm not doing that muscle today, maybe tomorrow" (smile, "thank darlin, 'preciate it").  Mind you, this woman doesn't work at the gym. Just feels the need to include everyone else in her, "I was once a trainer" show. Here are a few other things gym bugging issues:

Do you REALLY feel the need to stare in between my legs when I'm doing the hip adductor machine. Me opening and closing my legs is DEFINITELY is not an invite for you to stare and non-verbally admit that you're in dire need of a five finger fix.

Enterning the  gym smelling as if you just came from a gym is a big no-no. Just because you're going to sweat, doesn't give you the right to omit washing and caring for your personal hygiene.

When entering the sauna in your speedo while I'm the only other person in the sauna, must you feel the need to sit next to me. I mean, there are 3-4 other benches available and plenty of room for us to spread out.

Just like the club, the gym dress code should be enforced. Coming to work out in blue jeans causes crotch-rot and UGG boots or flip flops is just plain silly. Not to mention you look ridiculous.

Okay, you forgot your towel.  I get it, I've done it before and when I do I usually put my track jacket or t-shirt on the bench to catch my sweat.  If you forgot it then get the papertowels and santizers provided in all gyms and wipe it down afterwards and when you do this please pick up your papertowels so we don't have to touch your sweaty bacteria.

Are you REALLY, dropping 30 pound dumbbells on the ground after your set? REALLY, that's pretty heavy for a 250 lb guy doing a chest press. Be nice if you didn't scare the beegeezus out of all of us or attempt to break the weights so that we can't use them.

Just because you're at the gym with your four, five, or 12 best buddies, does not give you the right to act like you have no sense. We don't need to know what "broads" you like or why that "dude is doing you wrong.", take it down a notch.  Part II - if alone, please don't hold up the machine while you text on it for an hour...I'm waiting.

Finally, and most importantly...okay so you are a muscle head who leg presses 800lbs.  Unfortunately, I'm just a mere mortal who only leg presses 360 and even I know enough to know that's too much to leave on. Done with the machine? RACK IT! Nobody wants to take 15 45lb plates off before they can start their reps!

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