A Teenage Love

Been thinking lately about the twins. Lots going on, school, sports, girls.  I often wonder will I ever have enough advice for them. If I'm telling them the right things, leading them in the right direction, showing them that I care and I'm concerned enough.  I find it very easy to relate to them and remember those things they are now going through and how I felt at the time that I was their age and going through the same things.  One of them has some emotional stuff going on right now and my heart was warmed when he opened up to me recently about it.  I wanted to hug him and assure him this too shall pass but I knew he needed more an ear than a hug from mommy.  In his telling of how he felt he did what we do in our family, turned on itunes, and said "listen to this song", this is how I feel.  (He's a music junkie like his mommy).  His emotions are often controlled by song just as mine are also.  This is why part of the advice I shared with him was to listen to more uplifting music than the kind that would continue to break his heart.  Of course I came home yesterday and entered the door to him in his room blasting the heck out of the song.  It's a nice tune, but definetly a downer.  I like it, but it makes me want to have a drink and grab some tissue.  My advice was, "not everyday is easy but everyday gets better and you won't feel good today but eventually this will be a memory"  I wanted to tell him to grow some balls and suck it up cause this little trick is a nutcase but I didn't think he would respond well to that one.  Instead, after he had said all he wanted to say I let him finish listening to his music and just sat with him quietly for a while.  After he left I let him sit in his room a while and then I went in sat on his bed and I simply said "As we grow up we learn that even the one person who wasn't suppose to let us down probably will, that includes our friends, loves, parents and children.  You'll have your heart broken, probably more than once and it's harder each time.  You are going to break hearts too so remember how this feels.  You'll blame a new love for what an old love did, but always be true to yourself, be truthful to each person even if it's hurts and do things that help you sleep and night and know that you are a good person.  In the end your path is already set and you and I don't know what that is but remember we are highly favored by God and everything will be work out fine." I kissed him and went to bed. 

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