don't be a 'female' in south central while drinking your juice pretending to be a Lady... in the hood.

there are hoes and there are housewives. then there are hoe-ish housewives. but those types usually live on Wisteria Lane, or more recently, in Atlanta(Real Housewives...ha). and wherever the Basketball Wives reside. but i'd be inclined to say that only .12% of them are actually a wife, so nevermind.

anyhoo, aside from those conglomerates of hoe and housewife, the women in the latter category usually will scoff at the mention of their name even in the same sentence as a woman who wears the hoe-tag, consciously or not.

i feel the same about the word "female". ewwww

anyone who talks to me has probably seen me say this before, but i literally cringe deep inside somewhere when i hear or read a man call a woman a 'female'. first, it just seems like a pg substitute for b*tch, and who wants to be called that besides Trina and the woman who thinks black and b*tchy are the same thing?
basically, if you want to be treated like and called (and sometimes labeled) a Lady or Woman, there should be evidence in your daily life and even what you choose to put out on the internet (HEAVY eye to the side to Facebook and 87% of the status updates), that you are indeed one of these.

I'm seriously talking to the 'females' in Ladies' clothing. the ones who claim to demand so much respect and will get all offended if someone calls their spade a spade. that's who i'm talking about. who look to be grown, intelligent women on the surface, but whose actions and words clearly tell otherwise.

don't put your business out on facebook, myspace, twitter people, especially if you're living the trifelife and you're in denial about it. we don't need to hear about your trifling babydaddy and the new b*tch he has, or the random d*ck you got last night, that it's 420, or the dude you dog out and tell to getadamnjob because you don't deal with broke fools, but yet steady lay on your back errynight for him. and if you have a Masters but cannot construct ONE sentence without using every four-letter word that man created...

just stop.

it makes you look bad. and it makes men label you as female. and i know us women all check the 'F' box when filling out personal documents, but that's where our female label should end, in my opinion. at the biological level. plus, who wants to be the pg version of b*tch? jussayin. get it together.

moral of the story: if you talk about it, BE about it. and if you aren't, don't get mad if people call you out about it.

(ps. if you are offended by this post... you're probably one of these 'female' creatures)

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