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It's Friday and I"m off to the wind! On my way to the gym. No work in an office today but LOTS TO DO! Today is the big day! I've been waiting to take these braids down forever. I even had the nerve to go get the front and back done so I could keep them longer, or should I say, keep from having to take them down longer...and now I am official that woman that other black woman talk about. "ooohhh look at them raggedy braids, girl they raising up off her poor head...she need to take them down!" Yes, the growth is so long in the middle it's working my scalp, my ponytail clip and my nails! Just nasty. I figure it'll talk about 4 hours to take it down, then I'm off to Friday night FOOTBALL! My boys don't play tonight because the team they are playing doesn't have stadium lights so we play Saturday instead but what's a Friday night without football. So we are off to see another local team. Our little Will is making is Varsity debut!

In other news, we are halfway through the quarter. My twin A is still struggling just a bit but we are working to get him into the light. He's a great kid and hard worker so although he's fighting right now he will be victorious in the classroom as well as the field. I can't go without giving props to my little CJ who is kicking butt in the classroom and his reading his coming along BEAUTIFULLY! His math facts are great too thanks to Around the World! CAYDEN CAYDEN CAYDEN What can I say. He has finally started Preschool! Little King ain't the king no more! He's been at school 3 days and been on timeout twice! He's excited about school and seems to be growing up already. Finally, my little twin B continues to amaze me with his willingness to want to be the best in everything. He is determined this year to
maintain is 4.0 status and so far he is achieving. I am so proud of him.

For now, that's about it! All things are well...love and hugs. It's the weekend!

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