(Wondertwin power...ACTIVATE) (#18 Twin B, #5 Twin A)

Ripping any running. Such is life lately. Haven't had much time to blog...but I miss all of my readers even if somedays the only one reading is me.

It's 96 degrees outside right now and just sticking nasty hot. I don't want winter just yet but I'd love for it to be a little cooler, maybe just 10 degrees color.

School is crazy right now between all these tests and homework and projects. Work life, not to mention football has been going, going and going. Since it's too hot to be in the writing mood I thought I'd share some pictures of the last few weeks. Enjoy. MUUUUAAAAHHHHH!!!!

(My little daffodil picker got a tackle this week, next year he'll be in beast-mode)

(my handsome little sophs...lub them boys)

(Cayden started school, he's so happy...AND SO IS MOMMY!)

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