Terrorism Hits Home...Fa Real!

Excuse me as I have a little minor meltdown here at home alone. I'm glad nobody is here actually. I was living in my own little bubble of a world. Decided to turn on the news and get in the latest on "Jaycee, Obama and some sports". Next thing I knew was more discussions on all of the terrorists be arrested and then there it was. The most perfect skyscraper in Dallas. The one my daddy had shown me on my visit to Texas and said "there is where I work at". It was on the news!.

Excuse me while I have a minor panic attack again as I look at the picture. Yes, I'm probably a drama queen but you have to realize I love my daddy more than anything in the world. Nothing more in this world can send me into an instant depression more than the thought of losing him. Well, almost nothing. The thought of losing my mommy sends me into heaving convulsions on the floor so I won't go there.

Anyway, I can tell it's time to make a trip to Dallas. I miss them more than ever now. I can't talk terrorism or how I feel about it. I'm just glad my God said it's not time for my daddy to come home yet.

Thank you Jesus.

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  1. Deep breath. I cant imagine how scary that must have been