Wacky Weekend

Not sure what was in the water this weekend but my people where all passing the red cup too much!

First Michael Jordan just makes some "absurd" remarks during his Hall of Fame induction speech to remind us that he is...Michael Jordan. I think the one that bugged me the most was him turning to his children and saying "I wouldn't want to be you guys"...In my opinion it was petty, unmoving, unfocused and uninspired. He spent much of the time "disparaging people who had little to do with his career, like Jeff Van Gundy and Bryon Russell. He also ignored people who had so much to do with it, like his personal trainer, Tim Grover.

"This had been a moving and inspirational night for the NBA – one of its best ceremonies ever – and five minutes into Jordan’s speech it began to spiral into something else. Something unworthy of Jordan’s stature, something beneath him."
Adrian Wojnarowski, columnist for Yahoo Sports

See for yourself -

Michael wasn't alone in the hissy fit weekend. Serena proceeded to act a STRAIGHT FOOL when a line judge pissed her off as well. Whether she was right or wrong to be upset, I'm sure she is embarrassed today for her behavior and if not well...hmmmm. My kids missed it. I'm glad. She is a little lighter in the pocket with a $10K fine. We always support Serena but we must always remember the kids are watching.

Let's continue down our path of outbursts to the worst of all. Mr. "the world is mine and I'm a talented butthole" Kanye West.

JUST CLASSLESS!!! In the words of someone else "it takes a village to raise a child.
Apparently, Kanye's village has failed him. He obviously doesn't have a real friend in the world." Looking back, Taylor looked humiliated. I felt humiliated for her. I didn't expect Taylor to win that award, and I'm not upset about Kanye's opinion. However, bum-rushing the stage wasn't the appropriate time and place to express his disagreement. Not only was Kanye's approach disrespectful, it was directed towards a teenage girl, actually. I can only imagine how her family feels. I'm sure he would like to have a talk to Kanye. I'm not related to her, and I'd like to have a talk with him. Furthermore, aside from the fact that Taylor Swift is a top-selling artist, who has revolutionized teen country pop, she did not have any competition in this category as her competitors Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson split the pop vote. Taylor had to get 100 percent of the country vote, plus some of the pop vote as well. It's simple math that even a "College Dropout" should be able to figure out.

However, Miss BEY saves the day!!! Don't you love her!!!! I truly do. GO BEY! For some reason when I watch it I get tears in my eyes right down to the fact that Beyonce never said another word even while hugging her. Beyonce's eyes said it all.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

(edited to add Lil Mama's one hit wonder get on my nerves on "america's best dance crew, lil' bow wow in drag lookin butt hoppin her DRUNK butt on stage during the performance of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the VMA's...WOW!) Forward to the 5:20 mark of this video for another weekend dingbat.


  1. It must be a full moon. People act crazy then.

  2. Mike, Serena, Kanye - STICK TO WHAT YOU BEST and keep quiet otherwise.