Finals are finally over -

So we made it through the first semester by the skin of our teeth. I think I've sweated these first high school finals as much as the boys did. I'm actually quite proud of them too. I witnessed as they both buckled down this week and last and studied for their tests. I quizzed and tested and quizzed and tested some more. Twin A managed to pull out a respectable grade in all classes. The math grade killed his GPA though. He bombed on the Math final and he bombed on the Science final but he had an A already in his science class so he ended with a B for the semester. Twin B, my more studious kid who has never missed a day of honor roll had a much tougher time. Spanish has been his adversary this year. His fought all year just to keep his head above water. He brings a final grade of C home for that class. He also took a dive in Alegebra and bombed the final. Luckily the teacher likes him and decided to give him a mediocre grade but he won't see the honor roll this time around either. I know my Twin B though. He'll be back fighting. A fellow public school honor roll student, who happens to be a Junior at their current school saw his disappointment and shared with him "you'll be happy for the 2.8 at this school". I'm hoping the academics and quest for the students to do better will spark a competitive nature in them. Not only in sports but in the classroom as well. I have a feeling next semester will be better. I actually feel badly for them because they both seem so glum about their grades this time around. My take is that if I don't see you trying to do your best that is another story. Since I wasn't an A student I can't be upset if they don't bring home perfect grades all the time. I do expect more though. I was thinking about a punishment for them but it just doesn't seem fair at this point to discipline a kid simply because they "didn't get it". I reviewed their powerschool information and no assignments were missed. Every option for extra credit was used. I don't know. I'll have to think this one over a little bit more.


  1. If they worked hard, how could anyone really be upset with them, you know? They'll bounce back. :)

    I'm glad you made it through.

    Take care,


  2. I think they'll be ok. Is this their first year in high school? It could just be an adjustment to high school life and coursework. If they are having a hard time in certain areas some tutoring might be necessary. They sound really determined, especially if they took the opportunity to complete the extra credit assignments, so a little extra help and push might be enough to do the trick.