And So It Continues...even in a cast -

So here is the deal with Cayden. This little boy has managed to get into EVERYTHING possible in the last 3 years than ANY of my other children in 14 years! In the matter of 2 years walking, he has destroyed the carpet in each room (I'm not replacing it until he's "DONE" with this phase of his life). He has colored on walls which none of my children ever did, he has broken most of his toys, spilled just about every ingredient in the spice cabinet, broken several function buttons in the car, ripped zippers, buttons, backpacks and so many other things I cannot even begin to get into now. Now at three years old, in a body cast I might add - he continues to get into anything and everything he can reach.

In order to insure that he did not have a "double accident" I put his mattresses on the floor. For the first couple of weeks I've been "all good". If I put him in his bed he is essential in a time out mode. He could only scream "I want some jjjjjuuuicccceee"..."I'm hunnnnnnngggggrrrrrryyyyyyy" and whatever else he yells but he couldn't really do anything about it until I got there. As of yesterday he learned how to use his new found arm strength to get on and off that bed lightning fast! It's almost amazing to see this kid with his legs locked in place throw them over the edge and crawl down onto the floor and army crawl from room to room and then just as quickly climb back up when he's ready to take a rest. This is all to build up to my story of this morning. Last night I put him in bed about 9:30 and I promptly fell asleep too. Little did I know - CJ's school supplies where in arm's reach. I woke up to the above to pictures...one is taken in the actually position I found him in... the second is once I moved him to my bed! I was going to clean him up but decided to let him get his sleep in before I start cleaning him up. Now how long is it going to take me to clean up a kid covered in glue (YES - HE USED THE GLUE AS LOTION WHILE WE SLEPT) who can't get in the bathtub. Should be interesting no doubt!

Just to continue with the theme of my real life Dennis the Menace I added a pic that I took a week before his accident in the grocery store. Now how many three year olds do you know with a missing front tooth!


  1. He sure sounds like a handful, but I'll bet life never gets boring, does it? :) My little guy was a little too well behaved these first 9 years. I'm assuming the next 9 will be hell on earth. I'm bracing for the worst, but hoping for the best! :)

    Glue... Hehehe...that sure does look familiar... (I once glued my brothers fingers together while he slept. Ha!)

  2. Oh my word! You have got yourself some kind of trouble. I laughed at the Dennis the Menace comment. Truly, some boys are just too much for one person (or an entire family) to handle! I guess that's why they say "it takes a village."

    I hope he gets out of the cast soon!! That really stinks. Thank goodness you have older kids to help out.... :) GOOD LUCK!!

    (and thanks for joining over the Club... us mom's gotta stick together!)

  3. Oh my goodness. Why did I think he was older than 3? Why did I think he was six? Is he tall, lol?

    Kids, kids, kids. Some are forever busy no matter what you do. You can move everything, put it under lock and key even, and still, they manage to get to it or something else that you'd rather they didn't. I am sure you had a lot of fun peeling the glue, lol.