The Formal Is Coming

Oh My Goodness, Cayden has been up all night. I'm trying to break him of his new habit which is to lay in bed and simply screaming for what he wants "I want someone to cover my feet"..."I want some Juuuuuiccceeee", "I need mustard and ketchup"....EXCUSE ME! What happened to can someone please help me??? This went on all last night until 4:30am. He's sleeping beauty now. I'm so tired I can't sleep!

Anyway, onto my post - Monday the boys started discussing the formal dance in January. Twin B played cool and said he didn't care to go and wasn't really interested in going but a couple girls had either asked him or hinted that they wanted him to ask them. Twin A...Mr. Ladies Man of course (with a girlfriend) says that he is taking his best girl-friend. I said "your taking or you are asking me can you take". After that whole "mom can I go discussion". We go to the store and he asks if he can get her a bear and a rose in order to present to her and ask her formally. I'm like, "I thought you guys already discussed this"...and wow, surprise of surprises he says "yes mom, we already discussed it but all of her other friends are getting stuff from their dates and I don't want her to feel left out so I gotta get her something". I asked why he wasn't taking his actual "girlfriend" and he explains that she doesn't go to his school and I'll be stuck with her all night. If I take my friend then I won't feel obligated to be stuck with her all night. LMAO! Okay...well I love that there is always a method to his madness. Funny thing- I wish I had the inside scoop on what boys thought when I was growing up.
Twin B then comes in and asks can he get a small bear and a rose to for the girl he wants to ask. I'm even more surprised at this. He says "yeah, i guess I should check out this dance thing and see what it's about". He asks the girl yesterday and she said she would like to go but she has a C and a D right now and her parents said she can't go unless she passes all her finals. I love this school. I love the parents there too. I asked if he gave her the gifts and my comical son says "heck no, you get it if you say yes, if you said I don't know, you get NOTHING". Then he goes on to share some stories of several of the boys this week who have purchased expensive bears and flower bouquets and given them to the girl only to be told no....I LOVE THAT BOY! He thinks just like his Mama.
Anyway - writing makes me sleeping. I'm hitting the sheets before Cayden wakes up.


  1. Oh wow, dances already. Girlfriends?? Wait, how old are these little men, lol? I hope they find dates and have a good time. I also hope that the journey with lil man gets better. You can probably turn his behavior around once we fully recovers, he probably knows/thinks he has a baby pass right now =)

  2. Find a girl who gets A's or B's from this point on. And both of you have at least 3 choices. hehehe

  3. That is really cute! The boys seem to have very different personalities; it's endearing. :)

  4. From A Mom and Grandmothers point of view. All the boys have their own personalities. They are well grounded and it's good clean fun. I am so honored to see my grandsons reaching for a higher level while enjoing their youth. You needed Cayden to remember there is a God and he has a sense of humor. remember your childhood/youth days. SMILE it's coming!!!