Spica Casts, Errands and a little crazy me

So I've stepped out of the blog world a minute as I got my little guy situated the past weeks but I wanted to check back in and let you all know how it's going. I'm still spinning many days but things seem to have calmed down a bit and I am starting to realize that Cayden is still Cayden. I am starting to see him smile a lot more again and I just keep telling him of all the great things he'll get to do when his cast comes off. We have our good days and bad. He now realizes that he is TRULY the King of the house though. "Mommy and Daddy I need you" can be heard all day long...and all night long too! He is doing nothing to exert energy so of course at 4am he is wide awake. He refuses to use the bathroom in his diaper so he has learned how to completely remove the diaper and yell "I HAVE TO POOOOOOP" before he goes. He pees in a small plastic urinal and each time he wants you to hold up the container so he can see how much he did (shaking my head- such a boy). He has finally learned to reach the bar between his legs and he says he is getting exercise by pulling up on it several times a day. I've also discovered in the last week that the best way to make him tired is to put him on the floor face down and let him crawl "army man style" room to room. He has learned to crawl and roll quite fast. I believe his favorite song has become "I WANT SOME JUUUUUUUUICE".(yes it sings just like "I have to poooop") He sings this over and over until he gets his juice...it's done in the most annoying way. Especially when one is exhausted from the previous night. Right when I get ready to strangle him he smiles at me and says "Mommy, I want you...come lay with me".

Last week was particularly bad. I had a million errands to do and didn't want to bother all my wonderful friends who have said they would help me (blush). I went to the pay some bills and pick up some groceries. I had to go to Costco for 3 three things. Imagine me pulling Cayden in the red wagon trying to purchase things at Costco. I made him carry what he could in the wagon and I had two items in my hand. This will definetly keep you from overspending. He had a freak out moment when he saw toys and wanted to get out of the wagon. I started to have a many breakdown and rushed out of the store. On my next stop, I decided to ditch the wagon and carry him to the store to pay a bill I had waited to the last minute to pay and had a shut off notice on. I'm standing in line holding him (my hip is so bruised from trying to rest that bar on it) and trying to dig in my purse and get the check and keep his hands from touching this and that. I was near tears. Finally when I got to the front of the line the lady asked what happened to him and when I told her she said "what a lucky little boy, my nephew dropped the tv on himself and he died". Of course this put everything in perspective. I put Cayden in the car and loved him up and we sang "If you like it then you should put a Ring on it" (lol) all the way home. Once we got home he was happy to play with his legos and his etch-a-sketch.
Thank you for all of your continued thoughts and prayers. Of course we aren't out of the house much for the holiday parties and such, especially with the amount of basketball games and such going on but we think of what wonderful friends and family we have and know we are truly blessed.


  1. Glad to hear that little man is in good spirits and learning how to work his current situation. I hope the two of you don't have to go out for too many more errands... or at least none that you will have to carry him for a long period of time.

    Hope he gets better real soon and hang in there.

  2. Wow, you are really a trooper! Your lil man is in great hands! He will be back to his normal lil self very soon! =)

  3. Children are so resiliant. And, apparently resourceful. I like how he uses his bar as a table to eat his McNuggets! Glad everything is (slowly) working out.

  4. Hey Nesha--its Maria from waaay back in the Amazing Mommies days! Stacy found your blog! I'm so sorry to hear about lil' Cayden...

    I can't wait to catch up on your family.

    I still say "Mickey Fricken" because of you!

    God bless,


  5. Hang in there, mama! I remember when Cole broke his arm. (Stupid dog literally pushed him down the stairs when he was 4.) Anyway, I thought I was going to have a coronary. I know it's just an arm, but it was his dominant one and suddenly he wouldn't do ANYTHING. For eight weeks he would barely touch a pencil let alone eat, drink, or be mobile at all. I know it's probably harder for Cayden because he can't walk. I will say a little prayer for you. :) I hope it gets easier.