Feeling Creative

My thoughts ramble so I truly need to get back to my writing, it releases me and lets folks not ask me so much, "whatcha thinking about"...damn, I'm just sitting here minding my business in my thoughts...can I just sit without there being something wrong? Just some thoughts I woke up with on this morning.

Have you registered to vote?

time to make our dreams and hopes elope
the government has had us hostages for years and
how it's time for them to LET MY PEOPLE GO!!
let my people GROW
I want to let my people know we don't have to be
broke no more
opened up the schools and they are givin out
grants and loans
low interest rates and after you graduate
guaranteed jobs for you to go
don't matter if you got corn rows or a fro
image is nothing but your THIRST is
everything...just so you know
put your best foot foreword and take a step after
that...don't quit
and another and another and start running like
you want a gold medal for it
I tip my hat to your future success
I set it up...now you finish the rest...

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