To be young, a mother, lots on my mind...I'm growing older tryin to get my shit together and "still" trying to be fine.
Got the kids in the back of the 'burb and but I'm singing loud, rolling through the parchochial school parking lot beatin out to "I PUT ONNNNNNNN"....the one they hate worst is the new John Legend cause when Andre's lyrics hit I say "OH HE CAN GET IT, ADMIT IT" they cover their faces...damn them...I'm young too fool. Don't be a hater cause your mamma still got it. Dont be mad cause your mama can still drop it.

When approach the entrance to the school and I turn the beat down....whispering the lyrics cause TI made it just for me - "I can have whatever I likeeeee", all stiff in my seat, handing out money and kisses as my car unloads...."Bye Mrs. Ward"....Mrs. Ward...I'm Nesha Dammit! Mrs. Ward is his mama.

I watch them walk in up the sidewalk to the school like they own that b**** and I think, damn I wish I had that swag at 14, had to wait until I grew a little butt and filled up a bra to actually get some courage.

And as I roll down the block bend the corner out of sight of the prissy, missy, noses in the air, I turn my beat right back up as I hit the road, lean in my seat and ride out....yeah yeah yeah "no one on the corner has swagger like me"...that's right dammit!

ps - if you know me...you laugh at this cause you don't see me, just lettin me hair down for a second now back to our scheduled program.

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  1. HAD to lmao on this one cause I KNOW!! That's how I pull up to work everyone...beating out....til i hit the parking lot.