Catching up on the boys

and so the first quarter of high school ends for the twins. I smile as I type because both did much better than I expected. I've been on them like white on rice each day "do you have homework?, what's homework? let me see it? what did the teacher say? Did you have all your books?" Sometimes I don't know how they deal with me. Sometimes I don't know how I deal with them. Jordan had his cast removed and is anxiously awaiting getting back out to football practice. He started with some light jogging this week and he swears he is playing next week. Honestly, I doubt it but I'll continue to give him a smile as he talks about his first high school game. Jalen has blossomed in high school. He has a 3.2 gpa, really likes his teachers and even managed to get moved up to the JV team where he is currently starting on both sides of the ball. He has yet to ask for a goof off day yet although who would want a goof off day when you could possibly come back to 6 hours of homework. I'm please with them both, I pray it continues and I anoint their heads with prayer oil after they go to sleep each night :-). PS Jalen still has the same girlfriend...I have no idea how, they go to different schools and haven't seen each other since 8th grade graduation...it's a text relationship..lol

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  1. Interesting read. It goes without saying that you have to be vigilant in your kids upbringing, ESPECIALLY with the boys.

    Continue doing the great job & much thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Have a great one.