Funny How that Works

So I had to snap yesterday on the twins and act like a sensitive girl. I got to the football before kickoff and since the Freshman played on Wednesday this week Jalen (moved up to JV) was running around with some little chicken head. The same one I told him means no good and that he should stay away from. She may as well have been glued to his butthole because as he walked she walked a step behind him. He saw me and looked over, threw his hand up in the air (I guess that was suppose to be "Hi Mom") and kept moving. During halftime a friend stopped me at the snackbar to talk and while we were engaged in conversation I saw out of the side of my eye, Jalen walk by again with the little mini-group in tow. What dumb ass girl in 2008 walks behind any boy??? He saw me and we made eye contact and I stopped looking, causing my girlfriend to stop talking to see what I was looking at. "aaawwww, he has a little follower huh girl", I shook my head and went back to my seat. After the game was over I made my way to the gate to wait for Jordan as it WAS a Wednesday night and I was anxious to get home. Jordan walked over grumbling under his breath about something. I never did get that hi mom. Jalen finally decided to join us as his friend went out of the gate. So I walked silently and didn't say much and when I got in the car...I snapped. Yes snapped "Oh, so I bust my ass to get to this game and see you guys and I can't even get a hi mom? I think I deserve better than that. Okay, that's the way you want to treat me, don't walk over and say hello, nothing. Jalen you want to run around with this little scrub bucket, why aren't you down on the field supporting your friends. Jordan, I sat through this game and you can't even come out of the locker

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