I Feel like Writing

i feel like writing.........
something prolific, but not too deep
nothing like that depressing nonsence that puts people to sleep
nothing like that pause and stop poetry that people are used to
i want to write something that will use you
that'll use your sences and emotions as weapons on your heart
and make you think about things you've done and loves that have feel apart
make you cry and fill you up with enthusiasm to write yourself
then the rest of the day you can't think of anything else
I want to write something that touches the soul and inner being of the average man
Nothing too over the top so the everyone young and old can understand
stuff that will start revolutions in minds like Brother Malcolm, Obama and Dr. King
Words that fill you up with hope that you can do anything
gotta think of something that is like artistic and exciting
damn...thas too much work for all that...i don't feel like writing

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