Just Some Ramblings - Freeing my mind

School has started and lots going on so I'm just freeing my brain of some of the latest happenings, misgivings, irritations, upcoming events, set backs, opportunities, accomplishments and so on.

1 - Football season has begun, after a whirlwind summer of vertimax training, early mornings, late nights, Jordan was injured Saturday morning during a scrimmage. He fractured his fibula and tibula. He was casted on Monday and probably won't return until closer to the end of the season. Although he is very disappointed his spirits were up going to school this morning.

2 - Coach Ward lost his first football game in over two years this Saturday in the season opener of the Jr. Rams. I don't need to say that he isn't very happy but looking forward to the next game.

3 - Jalen did very well in his first two high school scrimmages and he is excelling. Their first game is this week against Jesuit High School.

4 - I managed to watch a total of about 3 minutes of the GOP convention last week before becoming annoyed with how truly idiotic they think we are and couldn't stomache any more than that.

5 - Gas is finally beginning to go down and I actually got a half a tank of gas for $50.00! Can you believe it!

6 - Britany Spears won 3 awards at the VMAs and I had no idea she even had an album out!

7 - Religion class has been so beneficial to my children. It has truly opened their minds up to questions they've had and may have in the future. Over the past weeks while helping with homework it was so exciting to help them look through the bible to find answers and explain what God's word meant.

8 - Finally, God continues to bless the Ward Family daily. We are a work in progress.

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