Talking Dirty

As I watch the boys grow and change I see so many of the things I did as a teen in them. Their mannerisms, their clothing style, their culture it's basically just a circle of what I've already done in my youth but they seem to always up the scale just a little more. The one thing I did not do often was curse as much as the youth of today does. I was always so afraid my mother or father would be lurking around a corner somewhere to say "I'm gonna whoop your butt". It was many years away from my parents before I was able to freely curse without looking around and even longer before I dared to even say a curse word in front of them. It's a work in progress as I find myself struggling sometimes to suppress words I should not say. In fact I have money jar on my desk and if I say a curse word I have to put a quarter in it if CJ hears me say a curse word.

At an early age I've already heard my sons' and their friends curse a number of times. In fact if they think I'm out of earshot they are going to curse. We've had many sit downs and I've discussed open their vocabulary and the fact that if you curse so much it's just a way of saying I'm too dumb to think of a more intelligent word. Not the case with them. They say it's a different form of expression....BULL! Wherever you look someone is cursing though. Do you know how many words you could get away with on tv and radio now? I remember watching "Dynasty" as a kid. When Alexis slapped Krystal for the first time and said "You Bitch"...the whole room went silent and my hand immediately went up to my mouth. Now, I have to turn the radio down in the car and many points in the song to avoid all the stripper songs, weed songs, get butt naked songs, I'm gonna murder your mother songs....etc etc etc.
All I can do is continue to teach my children to expand their vocabulary and be better...while feeling up my quarter jar and making CJ rich.

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  1. No wonder CJ was looking at Yaya so funny when she cursed -- He should have asked for his money!