Ocho Cinco's Gone Loco

Chad Johnson has always been viewed as an odd ball for his on the field antics, but his past shenanigans don’t compare to what he just did off the field.
He has legally changed his last name to “Ocho Cinco.” Ocho Cinco, Formerly known as Chad Johnson, has always wanted to wear his nickname on the back of his Jersey, but the NFL wouldn’t allow it without fining him.
Johnson started a buzz in Cincinnati during the off season by requesting a trade because he didn’t feel enough love from Carson Palmer & The Bengals organization. Ocho Cinco, loves the lime light and will do anything he can to make sure he’s makes the highlight reel on Sportcenter. I can’t help, but to ask myself if he’s a genius who will be able to make millions marketing his own brand identity or has he gone completely mad like Mike Tyson did when he tattooed a tribal scribe on his face to look more intimidating in the ring? (a whole other topic). Word around town is that the NFL is charging Chad approximately $4million dollars for the cost to buy the Chad Johnson jerseys already created in order for him to wear Ocho Cinco on his back. Because Johnson changed his name so close to the start of the season, Reebok was left in a bind since they'd have to produce new jerseys and eat the old ones. That's why the NFL has told Johnson he'd have to reimburse the company for the price of the jerseys. I don't think we'll be seeing "Ocho" anything on his back any time soon unless he feels like throwing away Quatro-Million! I think he can find otherwise to spend his money. (Read the fine print next time Mr. Johnson). It's tough to defend Johnson, as he's so narcissistic at times it almost makes you want to cheer against him. Whatever it is, Ocho Cinco has sent shockwaves around the football world with his unpredictable behavior once again & I’m even happier with myself that I drafted him on my fantasy football team this 2008 season!

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  1. Hope he doesn't get traded to a team with another player who wears 85 and will not give it up.