Homeschooling my Little One

So far the process of homeschooling has been quite exciting. Each morning he has gotten up, brushed his teeth eaten breakfast and gotten right to work. Probably the only thing we haven't done some days is to get fully dressed in school clothes. I figure it's one small token of getting to work from home and he enjoys doing his school work in a warm pair or pajamas. Saves me some laundry time too. The academy we are linked to has made it so much easier through the study guide and lesson plans but I still think it's a little watered down and during most evenings I am busy printing out more advanced work for him to complete once he does the "governments" daily lesson plan. I have noticed such growth in him already, and his little brother too! Whatever CJ does Cayden wants to do also so I must also make a 3 year old version. I think our favorite part thus far has been the language arts and science projects which sometimes include getting out in the neighborhood. I'm not sure how long I will be able to continue (meaning grade levels) but I'm confident at least up through the next few years and CJ is making huge leaps!

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