I wasn't, I really wasn't...but I decided to...Palin and my thoughts

So here is my thing. Do the republicans TRULY think that we are THAT STUPID. Hilary didn't win so let's just through another "qualified" woman and them and they'll bite. Was I not the only one who noticed that John McCain was so fearful that Mommy Palin would make a mistake that he stood next to her the entire time she was speaking and looked at her out of the side of his eye as if to say 'lady, don't say anything stupid". Now, I for one should know. I'm a mother of five, have a million things to do, like to take on a million more and a self proclaimed basketball mom etc., etc. etc. Do they HONESTLY expect us to believe that she was properly "vetted" and still chosen? When did her name actually appear on the short list.
There IS a time to say, enough is enough though. You have a 4 months old (for goodness sake, are you still bleeding), with downs syndrome, your still nursing and a 17 year old unmarried, pregnant daughter. Essentially, you will soon have 6 children. Are you serious? Palin has spoken against sex education or the teaching of contraception. When her water broke with her Down Syndrome baby she got on a plane and flew eight hours back to Alaska, making it only hours before the birth, a risky decision for a pregnant woman of any age. After delivering one child she went back to work the next day. After the birth of her fifth child, she was back in the office after a few days. What is her first priority. Is it as a mother or as a governor? Will her first priority be as a mother or as a Vice President or a President? One in three Vice Presidents become President. John McCain is a 72-year-old cancer survivor. Every woman, and particularly every woman who works, including me, understands that the conflicts and the guilt are always there in a way that they are not for men. There comes a time when a mother must honestly say, thanks but no thanks.

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