Some psuedo intellectuals "hating" on Obama

I always thought this was the stupidest saying until I saw true "haterism" at it's worst while flipping through some youtube clips. After watching this clip I was disgusted. There was a "crabs in a bucket" meeting recently hosted by Tavis Smiley interviewing Cornel West and Julianne Malveaux. These pseudo intellectuals took time to blast Barack Obama’s DNC nomination speech. Jesse “I want to cut off his nuts” Jackson is not the only negro who knows his time is up, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West know their time is up too, and are desperately trying to hold onto their last 15 minutes of fame. That old school ‘Afro-negro’ intellectualism is not going to cut it anymore and these hardcore chitlin eatin' negroes are fighting back. They don’t understand that Barack wants to win. That is the prize. They would rather have Obama speaking at a Jena 6 rally than continue to be on a mission to becomnig the Leader of the Free World. Cornel West is the same guy that made whether he was going to teach at Harvard or Princeton a national racial issue. West also criticized Obama for not marching or speaking for Jena 6. Tavis criticized Obama for not coming to his State of the Black Union meeting. Next thing you know these folks will want Barack to throw on a bow tie and give a speech on the corner while holding up a bean pie. Envy breeds some of the stupid folks ever.

Late add - In a discussion I just received in an email I found this point interesting "Isn't it funny when some of the people and commentators on tv say that John McCain is catching up to Barrack Obama in the polls because the people don't know him --He has no experience and has only been a senator for four years, and just a few years of experience in Illinois before that--
and KaBoom!!!, within hours of being introduced as the Republican candidate for Vice President-- never having been seen before--Sarah Palin and guess what? She's immediately and completely accepted... Makes you say hmmmm"

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  1. This is why we are in the sad shape we are in as a people because some old 1960-70s negros think we are still living in those times. They fought for integration and when they got it they want segregation. Any intelligeng Black man or woman should know who Barack Obama is. He was letting the rest of America know who is is and what his plans are. He hit a grand slam in my book.