What I Did This Year 2010

My, oh my. What a year it has been for me. List is in no particular order...
Traveled more than I ever have
Ate more fast food than I ever have at all new places
Ate a White Castle burger in Ohio.
 Read an original Poem in front of my class
 Received all A's in all my classes
Buried my mother in law
 Buried my father in law
Finally admitted my twins are finally growing up and sometimes doing grown man things when I'm not around
Did away with all my past hurt
Nearly ruined my marriage
 Completely repaired my marriage
 Exercised more forgiveness than I thought was possible
 Dealt with jealousy, fear, and self-preservation
 Witnessed the death of My Selfishness
  Learned that everyone is not happy for me
 Learned what true and unconditional love is (I know)
  Had the best birthday and New Year's gift ever...stay tuned
  Attended 6 funerals.
 Had my first Five Guys burger.
Got therapy; professionally and semi-professionally
Learned what 30+ means.
 Put counseling techniques into practice and actually helped someone in the process.
Went more places by myself than I ever have and didn't necessarily enjoy it.
 Almost got published.
Committed myself to my health and fitness.
Met many new family members and loved ones
Swore of hatred, vindicativness, pettiness
 Dedicated myself to being completely selfless
Erased all the foul and raunchy music from my ipod

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