A Science Experiement

(disclaimer) For my secret readers that send me anoymous posts sometimes about how racist I appear to seem, I apologize, but sometimes you just have to state facts so issues may be exposed to those walking around in blindness.  I present to you my science experiment: (presented to my son's psychology course and given to his mommy who he knew would savor it)

There is a current "Scientific Theory" that because an average white scores 15 points higher than blacks on IQ tests, they are inherently, genetically smarter than blacks.  Let's test that theory.

1. Here is the experiment: Kidnap a bunch of white american and send them over to african on a slave ship.
2. Force them and their descendants into slave labor for about 100 years.  Make sure to break up families and don't forget to disallow education.
3. Then set them free, but subject them to horrific discrimination and oppression for another century or so.
4. Then give them I.Q. tests designed by priviledged black africans.
5. If they still score 15 points higher than blacks, you've proven your hypothesis.

Have fun kids! and remember to get your parents permission before doing the experiment.

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