All Me, All the Time

More ramblings of things I am figuring out about myself.

2011 is going to be a doozy, I can already tell....

1. My heart beats for quality time. Unfortunately, I have very little time to give or receive. Double unfortunate is that I'm spoiled, if you don't like to invest your time in me, it is the equivalent of a slap in the face.

2. I get annoyed really, really easy. And even though I am working on not showing it outwardly, I will always have an inner reaction. Kind of like rolling my eyes at you in my head.

3. I'm still waiting on my BIG MOMENT. Not sure what that means yet. I really feel there is something significant that I haven't done yet. But I know its coming.

4. I enjoy being hospitable. Like, really enjoy it. It's important to me for people to enjoy being around me and my family; comfortable, well-fed, and entertained.  I'm often scared I'm not that interesting yet, though.

5. My need to place in this upcoming contest is beginning to consume my life.  I look in the mirror daily for changes. I hope on and off the scale. I keep waiting for the cut. The diet itself is killing me alone but I'll do it.

6. I have quite an ear for music. I appreciate actual instruments and harmony in a song...which is why I'm so picky of what I listen to...

7. I'm tapping into my "go with the flow" mode. I'm planning on taking a lot of chances this year, and bounce back 100% times faster if they don't work out.

8. Three  things give me a headache without fail: My Health, Stress and the security of my family. Can I make it

9. I don't want anymore close friends right now. I need to cultivate the relationships I have.

10. Last year, I struggled with really wanting to get be happy.  I realize now that it all starts with self.

11. Three things I am emersed right now: Books, Welch's Concord Grape Juice, My Nook

12. Above all things, God has been my counselor. I've often create a  pretty lonely road, so I'm glad I had/have him to release my pain to so that I can enjoy my loved ones.

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